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WIRE LINER 0,9-1,2 FE / 3,5 M Ø 5,3/1,8 RD STEEL


Kemppi steel wire liners are strong, durable and efficient, designed for Ferrous filler wire materials and applications. Most of Kemppi's wire liners are color-coded the same way as the feed rolls in Kemppi wire feeders. This helps to select suitable material for your use. Kemppi liners support the filler wire and ensure its reliable delivery to the welding arc.

33.67 EUR / pcs

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Technical specification


  • Total: 8
GX 203 G 3,5M MIG GUN

312.32 EUR / EA

GX 205 G 3,5M MIG GUN

401.38 EUR / EA

GX 253 G 3,5M MIG GUN

278.16 EUR / EA

GX 255 G 3,5M MIG GUN

353.80 EUR / EA

GX 303 G 3,5M MIG GUN

359.90 EUR / EA

GX 303 W 3,5M MIG GUN

470.92 EUR / EA

GX 305 G 3,5M MIG GUN

429.44 EUR / EA

GX 305 W 3,5M MIG GUN

540.46 EUR / EA

  • Total: 8