Beta E90P Welding helmet & Consumable package


This package includes Beta E90P Welding Helmet, Sweatband, Inner protection plate and Safety plate. Beta E90P Helmet has passive welding filter, it provides essential protection for your eyes, face, and neck. The helmet's lightweight yet robust shell construction ensures your safety without weighing you down. You'll also appreciate the comfortable headband, GapView flip lens function, and magnifying lens frame that come standard with this model. The package features Sweatband compatible with Alfa E, Beta E, Delta, Zeta, and Gamma helmets. Protection Plate (90 x 110 x 1.0) is crafted from polycarbonate. Safety Plate (90 x 110 x 1.5) is specifically designed for Beta E helmets. This polycarbonate safety plate prioritizes your eye protection, guarding against spatters and sparks with precision. This comprehensive bundle includes essential accessories to ensure your safety, comfort, and clarity while you tackle welding tasks of all levels.

133.66 EUR / EA

161.04 EUR / EA

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  • Suitable for MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA, plasma, cutting, and grinding
  • The deep cut shell design increases protection to the facial sides
  • Flip-up welding lens cassette includes an impact-rated inspection window
  • Strong, super-adjustable and comfortable headband
  • Convenient GapView position in the flip-up lens
  • EN175 B impact protection rated
  • Magnifying lens option
  • The lightweight design ensures excellent welding comfort

Technical specification

Weight 473 g
Operating temperature range – 5 ... + 55 °C <80% Rh
Welding filter Passive
View size 100 x 78 mm
Filter dimension 110 x 90 mm
Shade range 11
LiFE+ Color (yes/no) No
Grinding fuction (yes/no) No


  • Total: 3
SWEATBAND 3/4/2024

10.98 EUR / pck2

PROTECTION PLATE (90 X 110 X 1.0) 3/4/2024

23.18 EUR / pck10

SAFETY PLATE (90 X 110 X 1.5) 3/4/2024

30.50 EUR / pck10

  • Total: 3